Where’s Your Influence?

“Give me a lever and a fulcrum, and I can move the world.”

Paul gave a great example of leadership and influence with the help of a seesaw on stage at Crosstowne this past Sunday.

He showed that the fulcrum, the center point of the seesaw on which the lever balances, determines how much influence we have on the person opposite us.

By keeping the fulcrum close to us, we elevate only ourselves and prevent those around us from being lifted up by our influence. But by making it “not about us” — moving the fulcrum away from us, we lift up the other person.

That’s what leadership is all about, isn’t it?

Are you willing to “get up off of your fulcrum” to begin being a real positive influence in someone else’s life?

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Mark Your Calendars: Crosstowne Adding 2nd Service

September 16th will be a big day for Crosstowne Christian Church. That’s the day we’ll be switching our schedule to make room for a second Sunday service.

The first service will begin at 9:15am. The second service will begin at 11am.

One of the biggest reasons we’re adding the second service is because of the huge growth we’ve seen in our Children’s Church. We want to make sure we’re serving all of our youngest Townies as best we can, and we believe our second service will make that happen.

As you can imagine, adding a second service each week means we’ll be doubling the duties required of our staff and volunteers who make Crosstowne happen week after week.

That means we need your help! Drop by the Information Counter to find out what needs we have and where you can dig deeper and be a bigger part of Crosstowne’s ministry.

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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Thanks for dropping by Crosstowne Christian Church’s new staff blog, Townies.

There is a lot happening at Crosstowne Christian Church including the launch of a second Sunday morning service in September! We’ll be talking about that, the people who make Crosstowne happen each week and how you can connect in ways you haven’t considered.

We want everyone involved in what we’re doing as we offer everyone A Return to God.

So be sure to stop by often to see what’s new!

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